A London Chef Has Created A Burger That Costs £1100

Imagine Ronald McDonald met 2 Chainz...
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The number of homeless people in London has almost doubled in London since Boris Johnson became mayor in 2008, with more than 6,500 people reported to be sleeping rough last year, and millions around the country relying on food banks to feed their families.

Meanwhile down the road in Chelsea, a chef has just created a burger that costs £1100.

The 'Glamburger', embellished with gold leaf, caviar, lobster and wagu beef, is available at Honky Tonk in Chelsea. It's served on a bagel covered in maple syrup and seasoned with Japanese matcha. We won't lie and say it doesn't make our tastebuds get a boner, but at the cost of a month's rent, we'll probably leave it to the MIC lot.

Alternatively, you can donate and help one of the 13 million people in the UK who live below the poverty line by going to The Trussell Trust food bank website.

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