A Solar Powered Challenger To The Kindle

Move over Kindle, Ipad and Nook, because the E-reader just went green with the self-sufficient, Toshiba Biblio Leaf
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E-readers are incredibly popular at the moment, with people eschewing the good old fashioned stylings and smells of paper and hardback books in favour of something more portable. Something less bulky and something that can contain thousands of book titles, wrapped in plastic and silicone rather than paper.

So move over, Kindle, iPad, and Nook. A new e-reader has been introduced into the growing market. Toshiba's black and white Biblio Leaf is the first solar-powered e-reader. The catch: for the moment, at least, it's only available in Japan.

The Biblio Leaf has decent stats, according to TFTS--it comes with a six inch e-Ink display, WiFi and 3G connectivity, a stylus, 2 gigabytes of storage, and support for an SD card that holds up to 3,000 books. But the one detail that really makes the e-reader stand out is the small solar cell attached to its base. Toshiba hasn't revealed how long the cell takes to charge, but we imagine it isn't particularly quick.

Toshiba's e-reader is free upfront and costs $20 per month with a 3G service contract from TDDI.

The company's move into solar-powered e-readers comes just a year after Toshiba established its photovoltaic systems business, which is working on solar power generating systems for utilities and businesses. Eventually, Toshiba hopes to move into the solar-powered EV charging market as well.

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