Air Hostesses From Aviation's Golden Age

If you've ever been on a cramped, turbulent Ryanair flight to some backwoods farm of an airport, then you've probably wondered why aviation was ever thought of as glamorous. These air hostesses may have had something to do with it...
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Hard as it may be to believe, air travel hasn't always been a nightmare of long queues, delayed flights, crying children, inedible food and watching films you would normally never dream of watching on screens smaller than your retina. In fact, it used to be the height of glamour, typified by the air hostesses of the time. Immaculately coiffured and stylishly dressed, with skirts that don't leave a great deal to the imagination, these images show a bygone era that anyone who's begrudgingly paid £3.00 for a bottle of water whilst on a Ryanair flight to Kavos would long for.

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