All Terrain Action Camera

Love to live life on the edge? Taking it to the max, defying death in dangerous climes whilst documenting it all for your pals. We have just the camera for you.
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Whether it’s surfing, snowboarding, mountain climbing or white water rafting that’s your extreme sport of choice, you can now show friends, family and even the world your exploits in glorious HD thanks to Oregon Scientific’s ATC9K camera. Oregon scientific has a strong track record in action camera technology, and this is their latest offering.

The ATC9K comes with a built-in G-sensor to measure the force of gravity during acceleration, deceleration and ‘hang time’, so whether you’re coasteering, free falling or approaching a new ski jump you’ll be able to record and review the power of your performance.

Added to that, the ATC9K’s unique GPS plug-in accessory allows you to map your location, speed and distance travelled - an option that means you and your friends can see the exact location of any footage on Google Maps and share details of your latest adrenalin-fuelled escapade online.

Specifically designed for extreme sports enthusiasts and professionals, the ATC9K is easy to use with a one-press record button, a remote control and a laser pointer on the camera to help line up the action even if it is strapped to your helmet or surfboard. The tough all-terrain design is waterproof down to 20 meters meaning you can easily film action from the slopes, waves, cliffs or off-road.

Compact, light-weight and shock resistant, the ATC9K records 1080p professional quality HD video and takes vivid 5 mega-pixel photos with ease, at times when a regular video camera would struggle to perform. Plus, it comes with a full set of mounting accessories that enable you to put the ATC9K at the heart of the action - on handlebars, helmets, boards and even on vehicles – so you’ll be able see exactly how that last stunt ended from the comfort of your hospital bed. Gnarly!