Apply To Be James Bond On The Directgov Website

If you've always dreamt of being James Bond, you now have the opportunity to apply for his position on the government website. Yes, it's actually there on the website, and it's a brilliantly surreal read.
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Either the Directgov website has been hacked, or the government are openly advertising a position for a Bond-esque MI6 Secret Agent.  We very much like to the think it’s the latter. Either way, it's online and awaiting your application.

In case you’re interested, here’s the advert in full:

Secret Intelligence Service

Target Elimination Specialist

Job description

From time to time the UK government has a need to remove people whose continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order. So we require particularly skilled professionals w

ho are prepared to work on a non-attributable basis to deal with these problems.

The role will involve international travel to a number of countries where individ

uals need to be removed.

The ideal candidate will need to have no particular distinguishing features so as to blend in and be able to take on new identities as required. They will need to be resourceful in finding ways to accomplish their missions and, in some cases, to leave foreign countries by non-conventional means. The role would suit candidates with prior military experience, particularly in the use of sniper rifles.

The job holder will receive all necessary equipment, including passports, special watches, jet packs, mini-submarines and a Walther PPK.

This role is particularly appropriate for those who like their martinis shaken and not stirred.

To apply for this role, please express your interest somewhere in the vicinity of the large and rather fake-looking rock in Regent's Park

are some screenshots to prove it's real: