Arnold Aslak: The Dairy Godfather Of Fashion

Introducing the man changing the rules of fashion with his latest collaboration for Cocio.
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“Since we are all 60% water, defining style from a beverage made sense to me.” The enigmatic Arnold Aslak reclines in an egg shaped chair and casually sips a Cocio. The man responsible for 2012’s ‘The Meaninglessness of Meaning’ collection is currently riding high after securing an exclusive collab with Danish chocolate milk company Cocio, and all eyes are on him as they prepare to launch.

From creating the World’s first premium horsehair jeggings to last year’s surprisingly popular range of 5 panel “Cool Brand” caps, in the eyes of his increasingly loyal band of blogging devotees, he can do no wrong.

The partnership between Cocio and Arnold Aslak seems unlikely, but is in fact a long time coming, as Aslak explains: “I’d been aware of the Cocio guys for years and always kept an eye on them. The colour schemes they adopt, their overall bottle aesthetics, it proved to me they were a brand not afraid to take risks. So when they offered me a substantial financial incentive, I decided that I too could add something distinctive to the Cocio portfolio with the MLK:MN collection.”

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