Artist Depicts World Leaders As Drag Queens, Gets Death Threats

Apparently not everybody sees the funny side of this French artist's latest work, 'War Drags You Out'
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'Death threats' in the Twitter age aren't really the same as death threats pre-internet. A message in your inbox from a Justin Bieber fan isn't to be treated with the same weight as a horse head in your bed from Jimmy the Bull.

Artist Saint Hoax however, did manage to rub some of the wrong people up the wrong way with his latest series of works, 'War Drags You Out', a series of digital illustrations depicting some of the world's leaders as drag queens. Apparently Vladimir Putin doesn't take too kindly to his image in lipstick, nor do the followers of Osama Bin Laden like to see their leader dressed up like the Friday night entertainment at Molly Moggs, and Hoax received around 70 death threats and saw some of his work get destroyed.

Shown above is 'Queen Abby', or King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to his mates. Click to the next page to see more.



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