Asus NX90 Bang & Olufsen notebook

The proven functionality of Asus with the great looks and technology of Bang & Olufsen. What could be better?
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Asus is going upmarket and looking to take on the design masters at Apple with this latest netbook offering, designed in conjunction with David Lewis and Bang & Olufsen.

With an 18.4” HD screen, two gigantic speakers, a dual touchpad design and a stunning polished-aluminium finish, the NX90 stands apart from most other notebooks out there, and, for the style conscious it looks great sat on your coffee table.

The NX90 has been designed with the input of award-winning designer David Lewis - a man who’s very much the main force behind the Bang & Olufsen eye-catching look – whilst the speaker system was developed in conjunction with B&O’s ICEpower innovations house. This means the NX90 is pretty much setting a benchmark in terms of audio for a laptop. Ideal for the growing trend of listening to music online, so you can say goodbye to tinny crackling audio.

The dual touchpad combines a unique ‘DJ-style interface’ which makes navigation easier and lets you use two-handed movement to zoom and scroll, ideal for going through your music catalogue.

Inside, and that’s really where it counts after all, the Asus can certainly back up the flash exterior. Intel Core i7 processors and 6GB DDR3 RAM deliver enough speed and performance for smooth, uninterrupted media playback, whilst storage space of up to 1.2 terabytes means you’ll have more than enough room to cope with storing the largest of files. It also comes with the latest USB 3.0 technology; so transferring images and files is quicker than ever.

Its an incredibly seductive package that comes with a price tag to match. At £2500 it’s up there with Apple in terms of cost but if they aren’t your thing then the Asus NX90 is very hard to beat.

Price £2500

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