Back To The Old School: Rolls Rolls Woody skateboard

Longboarding just got all retro-contemporary. Not that we're complaining about the new handmade Rolls Rolls Woody 85...
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A recipient of 2010's Red Dot Award for product design, the carbon fibre of Rolls Rolls’s Sporter longboard – which has held the long distance skateboarding record for the last seven years – has been replaced by a deck carved out of wood. Rather cleverly, it’s called The Woody.

The foot-propelled board curves in unusual ways, resulting in an odd shape that drastically lowers its center of gravity. As well as improving speed, the low profile reduces the amount of knee-bending the rider has to do, meaning much better riding comfort for long distance skaters.

The Woody comes in two models - the Woody 97 and the Woody 85. The difference in the two being the type of wheels fitted. Meanwhile, both come with a 35-inch wheelbase and beech decks that keep you a mere 2.3 inches above the ground - half the height of classical longboards.

According to the creators, wooden boards carry a few notable advantages over carbon fiber as material. First, they flex. Second, the plywood delivers a cushioning effect, making street surfing feel like "riding in a cushion of air," (their words, not mine.) Each board is handmade to guarantee the superior standards that can’t be created via mass production.

While you’re already guaranteed to stand out from the longboarding crowd with one of these under your feet, the Woody can also be ordered with custom wood material. Though those flash enough to go the whole hog will need to contact the manufacturer to arrange it.

Price $300

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