Bentley Gets Botoxed

The footballer's favourite is back after a bit of surgery and can give it some on the road. But was the four wheel drive system really the reason you haven't got one?
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Bentley have unveiled the new and face-lifted Continental for lucky 2011 customers. The footballer’s favourite has been in need of some Botox ever since it hit the market in 2003 and although the improvements might be extremely subtle the overall effect is a much sleeker and more modern looking Bentley.

The front grill is placed at a far more ‘up-right’ angle and jammed between a new light cluster that will unfortunately feature daytime running LED lamps. Irritating to other drivers on the road and offensively chavvy but hopefully they can be overridden.

The new continental GT will ride on 20-inch rims as standard (well pimp-tastic) and punters with a hunger for the extreme will be offered massive 21-inch alloys as an optional extra. The track has been widened too, giving this British bulldog a more squat appearance. The booty has been banished to the treadmill creating fancy LED lights, a smoother one-piece boot lid and a sporty little spoiler lip.

Bentley are keeping engine details under wraps for now but promise a new auto gearbox that will shift quicker. This can only be a good thing as the previous paddle-shift models were a little slow on the uptake, especially when drive ‘on the limit’. Fingers crossed for the unveiling of a new power unit at the Paris Motorshow that will top the previously potent 575 BHP W12. You can never havetoomuch power.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that the bods at Bentley have tweaked the four-wheel drive system so that slightly more power is shifted to the rear. The previously 50:50 power split will now be 40:60 meaning the Continental GT might start behaving a bit more like a sports car rather than the hefty cruiser it’s been labelled.

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