Bill Amberg BlackBerry cases

Bill Amberg makes the trendy BlackBerry even trendier with a limited run of leather clad smartphones
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BlackBerry’s have gone from the inside pocket of a businessman’s suit to the pocket and handbag of just about every 20-something in the country over the last year. Thanks in part to some good marketing but mostly down to the fact they’re very easy to use and look quite smart.

Leather goods designer Bill Amberg has been quick to spot the emergence of the BlackBerry as a fashion accessory and has released a limited run of backplates and cases. These leather cases and backplates have been designed for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and come in six colour combinations – yellow on black, orange on black, red on black, pink on white, blue on white and green on white – with only ten numbered editions of each design available.

Each has been made by European craftsmen and been carefully tanned, coloured and polished to achieve the final lovely lacquered finish. Each case has also undergone an intricate moulding process to achieve the unique curved shape.

There’s many different cases for your phone and laptop but these in particular do look rather special, and with such a limited number and at a £1,000 each – from Selfridges, London - you can be pretty certain that you won’t bump into any one else with one. That is unless you bump into David Beckham... he's just bought one.