Bowmore 'Maltmen’s Selection' Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The ‘Maltmen’s Selection’ is the latest limited edition in the existing highly acclaimed range of original whiskies from the Bowmore distillery
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Thirteen years ago, four of the distillery’s - situated on the Isle of Islay off the Scottish west coast - longest serving maltmen carefully selected five aged sherry casks in which to pour the spirit to mature. Now, the fruits of their labours are revealed: 3,000 unique bottles of single malt whisky with an outstanding character, capturing a century’s worth of knowledge and experience. Matured in cellars weather beaten by Loch Indaal’s untamed waves and distilled in a town exposed to Scotland’s natural elements, this creates a whisky with a deep amber colour and aromas of Demerara sugar and cherry chocolate liqueurs and an incredibly complex palate with a long sweet finish. Each bottle’s presentation box carries the four maltmen’s signatures and is available for purchase for £120 at the Distillery visitor centre or the website.