Brummies For Obama Part 2: A Drunken Plea For Help To Joe Biden In Louisiana

After dodging Hurricane Sandy in a "VoodooFest" hostel, I sat down on my laptop to see Obama's vice president, Joe Biden, had emailed me asking for help. So I told him to help me instead...
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Well it is all hotting up in the American election, even the adverts that are not for the election are pimping off the election.
The X-Factor advert has segments slamming Britney Spears for flirting, some other bint for 'kissing' contestants and LA Reid being suggestive, it ends with America Needs Simon Cowell - Simon Cowell approved this message.

I'm proud to say I made it to the Louisiana Barack Obama office and loved doing a few hours on phoning Florida voters. Out of about 100 phone calls, about 20 answered, three couldn't speak English and most of the others could not understand my version of English.
However, plenty of Floridians will be getting the various messages I left reminding them to vote early, I stopped short of saying vote often as well though.

As usual there was plenty of food available in the office to keep the volunteers going, and stickers, posters and cheap phones galore.
Young, old, black, white, mixed race and latino volunteers wandered in, signed in and began to work on behalf of Mr President.
The response on the phones seemed pretty positive but as we were reminding people to vote the list was probably of Obama supporters anyway.

The attractive soccer mom who was in charge as the boss "stepped out" told us that the campaign had sent lots of volunteers down to Florida this weekend, we are hoping they send us too as money is running short.

My Brummies for Obama campaigning parnter and I, John Tipper, Councillor for Cradley Heath and Old Hill, had our first barney.
I think he was in the right as his line: "You've spent more time today playing the spoons on a bloke's chest than looking for a place to sleep tonight," is an argument winner if I have ever heard one.

Add to the stress both our bank cards have been blocked due to buying daft hats in New Orleans means that it obviously got a bit tense.
We found a hostel in the end, and a mighty fine one too, the India House in mid-city, it appears we were lucky as VoodooFest is in town and we only got in because of cancellations due to the impending Hurricaine.

Me being an idiot, I've just realised I have got my own email address wrong, so for all I know Joe could be moving heaven and earth to get the Brummies for Obama team down to Miami before Halloween.

I was, however, over the moon to open my emails on the communual computer, after paying a dollar every 15 minutes to watch a dodgy stream of the Villa, that Vice President Joe Biden had emailed me.

Who knew he was following me on Twitter?

The title was This is Dangerous.

I read on: Look -- Barack and I need you.
We recently found out that, as we head into the final push, Mitt Romney and the Republicans have $45 million more in the bank than we do.

That's a problem, folks. In a race that's as close as they come -- and with Election Day almost here -- we're not willing to lose this in the end.

The good news is, if you chip in today, we can close that gap more quickly than you think. But only if you step up and do your part.
Please don't wait any longer. Help us out with a donation of $5 or more today."

The bloody cheek, he did not even ask how the Villa got on!
So I replied (as written so forgive spelling mistakes) :

"Joe, I am from ENgland I have left all my responsibilities at home to help help you, i have no money, today I had nowhere to sleep, and i want a flight to mmiami to help your out, please help out, your from Scranton, you know what im saying, ps im in a squatt playing public school boy toffs mumford and c****, please help me get to miami...

yours because you only know me as an address and not as a needy human being..."

Me being an idiot, I've just realised writing this I have got my own email address wrong, so for all I know Joe could be moving heaven and earth to get the Brummies for Obama team down to Miami before Halloween, because someone needs to be.

The Obama Count:
Hours at the bar - 48
Hours officially campaigning for Obama - 2
Hours talking about myself - 8
Hours convincing people to vote for Obama - 7
Times I've said I'm an international journalist - 54
Money left - I'd rather not think about it.

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