Budget 2014: Protection For The Privileged And Lies For The Foolish

Do the Tories really think the Working Class will be appeased by cuts to 'beer and bingo', or do they simply not care?
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A budget for 'makers, doers and savers' he proclaimed. A budget for Express and Mail readers with a nice stash put away for their old age in truth. A budget designed to insure the Conservative party against anticipated defections to UKIP in preparation for next year's election.

Make no mistake about this: Osborne is more than aware that the turnout for the over 65 age group at the 2010 fiasco was 76% whilst the under 25s managed to galvanise 44% of their population to register their wishes.

If you're under 25 you are of no use to the Tory party. Our rulers are counting on the political apathy of the youth to deliver another victory for the party of privilege.

Do you have a private pension? No? You're no use then. Can you afford to place £15,000 per annum into an ISA? This budget isn't for you.

You are, apparently, not a maker or a doer. The vast majority of us certainly aren't savers as every penny that we have goes toward simply surviving in the spiral of increased prices, higher VAT and reduced wage rises that this laughable coalition has delivered to the country.

Those amongst us already comfortable are now able to withdraw their entire pension pot as soon as they reach pensionable age. The Tories are trusting 'us' with our own savings. There's the big lie. There's the lie that is encompassed in the phrase 'us and them' - this is about them. This is about the Tories trusting their supporters with their own savings whilst they impose the evil of the bedroom tax on a class that will never have savings, will never possess a private pension and will quite definitely never support Conservative policies.

Cameron's cabal of old Etonians fought the last election on the back of the claim that, through delivering austerity to the country, they would wipe away the deficit by 2015. They now claim this for 2019 and have borrowed more during this term of Government than Labour managed in their thirteen year tenure. Osborne makes the claim that the economy is continuing to recover and is actually growing faster than forecast, ignoring the fact that this so called recovery appears to be taking effect in London alone and that the rest of the country sees scant evidence of improvement.

He does have one word of warning though;

"Our country still borrows too much."

Quite magnificently he is attempting to distance his party from their own actions. It's not the Government that has borrowed too much, it's not the Tory party and their inefficient economic policy that has borrowed too much, it's the country. A different thing altogether.


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The true insult though, the true evidence that they don't want or need you or I, the truth of how they view us, lies in the graphic that the Conservatives tweeted last night:

"BINGO! Cutting the Bingo Tax and Beer Duty to help hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy."

Bingo and Beer. Bingo and Beer. We are the working class, we are uneducated, we live a simple life and what we enjoy in this simple life is Bingo and Beer.

Do they loath us this much or do they simply just not understand us in any way? Is their life one of such seclusion from any other than the landed, the rich, the privileged that they feel that this is what the working class is? That they can reach to the lowest common denominator in the manner of a Sun front page and feel that they have successfully bribed a nation into believing that they have it's best interest at heart.

Grant Shapps - always good for a comedy moment - tweeted last night that his party were "helping hard working people do more of what they enjoy."

Even Danny Alexander - prime example of a politician who has sold his soul for a brief period of pretence to power - felt the need to openly distance himself from this public mockery describing it as "our budget but their words" and summing the attitude up as "rather patronising."

We have a year. A year in which we can confront the battle lines that the Tory party have drawn. Their stall has been set out. They want the Express readers, the Mail readers, the Sun readers. They want to protect the privileged and fool the foolish. They will lie and lie and lie again. They will claim they want us all to prosper. They don't. They will "smile and smile and be a villain".

Ed Miliband has his target now. He has an entire class to galvanise into seeing the difference between himself and David Cameron, he must ensure that there is reason for the under 25s to reject apathy, to reject the idea that all politicians are the same and set a compelling ideology before him.

He has - WE have - a year to ensure that the lying and the hatred and the insults are stopped.