Buy This Poster and Help Japan

Order this striking artwork from the designers of Sabotage Times and help the Red Cross Tsunami Appeal.
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The earthquake in Japan on the 11th of March has proved to be one of the most shocking disasters that the world has seen in decades. The massive 9.0 earthquake and subsequent Tsunami is known to have killed more than 11,000 people with at least 16,700 people still listed as missing.

To help support the continued efforts in Japan, Lucas Krull one of Sabotage Times' design team &&& Creative has put together a special charity poster with all profits going towards the British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal.

The design was made by wetting a sheet of thick paper and adding a single drop of red ink to its centre, causing the ink to expand and spread throughout the sheet. An initially very quick process which soon slows down yet continues spreading for quite some time before coming to a halt. A fitting and striking metaphor for the continued effects of the earthquake.

The poster is available for a donation through the special page set up here:

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