Cannon X Mark I Mouse

Too much stuff cluttering up your desktop? Never find a calculator when you need one? Then you’ll love Canon’s new calculator mouse
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The X Mark I Mouse is the latest in the X series calculator range, and what a great idea it is. Rather than having to rummage through a draw or ask around the office about who’s taken your calculator, this device combines a personal calculator, wireless laser mouse and numeric keypad for your computer. So, no more desktop clutter, and everything’s always to hand.

If you’re worried about how this might affect the feel of the mouse then fear not. It’s sleek angular streamlined body is perfectly comfortable in your hand, and the hi-res ten digit display panel looks great too. The Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity and, three click buttons and scroll wheel allow it to be just as functional as you need.

It will work with Windows and Mac, so good news for all us Apple fans, and the calculator even doubles up as a wireless numerical keypad. This is particularly convenient if you’re entering a lot of numerical data on a laptop spreadsheet, which tend not to have the dedicated number pad you find on a desktop computer.

For the environmentally aware of you, the X Mark I Mouse boasts some pretty good credentials. Canon tell us that part case of the body has been made from material recycled from their range of photocopiers, and it has a power management system that ensures it’s never using more energy than it needs.

Available in either glossy white or black finish, it’s sure to add a touch of style, not to mention practicality to your desk.

Price £39.99

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