Can't access ST at work because of the corporate firewalls?

If you're ever struggling to access Sabotage Times at work, here's how we can help you.
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From time to time we are contacted by people who love to read Sabotage Times at home but have been banned from doing so at work. Given that we are dedicated to helping you pass the time of day when you don't fancy doing any work this is obviously a pain in the arse.

We have however had considerable success in communicating with the providers of some of the largest corporate firewalls in the world. If you boss has realised how many hours you're spending reading our site and just banned YOU then there's not a lot we can do. Maybe you could swap desks or something. If however the firewall ban on ST is company wide, it is probably that it has been wrongly classified by the firewall company. In each instance where this has happened we have appealed the classification and the firewall has been removed from around ST.

If you are in this situation, ask your friendly office IT nerd to find out which Firewall Company you are with and send us those details and the name of your company to and we'll contact them direct. We don't need to mention your name. Thanks.