Cars Now! The Notable Motors Of Today

Cars Now! by Taschen and Intersection takes a look at cars which will challenge our dependency on fossil fuels, a last hurrah for the dying pleasure of smoking tyres.
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From John Ford and his T-Model to all manner of weird and wonderful high-end, low-end and concept models, no contraption has dominated the last century like the once humble Motor Car. Yet in a move that undoubtedly has Jeremy Clarkson drinking petrol while smoking Marlboros, the car industry is currently undergoing a gargantuan sea change. From Toyota and Honda to Ford and GM, the big manufacturers are all looking at how Hybrids can help reinvent them in the face of dwindling fossil fuels. Edited by Intersection magazine - the revolutionary automobile publication that has featured contributors as diverse as Phillipe Starck and Michael Stipe - and published by Taschen, it is full of lavish photography, brilliant info-graphics and arresting copy, and is a coffee table book that not only will people read, but will remain in your house as the tome that charted the end of cars as we know them...

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