Casio Edifice: The Champ-Man Game For Formula One Freaks

Fancy winning a trip for you and a mate to Japan to watch some Formula 1? All you have to is clock the fastest laptime on this new web-based game...


A fine gentleman we used to work with a few years ago uttered the following on a lazy-feeling Thursday afternoon: “Well, Friday is basically the weekend, and Thursday is basically Friday, so sod it: let’s read Autocar.” Wise man.

And what better way to waste the next day and half of weekend that your boss is cruelly making you work than with an internet-based game? How about an internet game with an incredible prize?

In this case, it’s from Casio Edifice. It’s kind of a Championship Manager affair, but for Formula One. Casio enlisted the help of one of Red Bull’s championship-winning boffins (engineer Andrew Damerum) to help design it, and the result is a hopelessly addictive little game that will pretty much put an end to any work you’re supposed to be doing between now and 5pm on Friday. Possibly Saturday and Sunday’s chores too, depending how well you’re doing with it.

The object is simple: get the fastest lap time around the Suzuka circuit by tweaking the car’s front and rear wings, ride height and gear ratios. We’ll give you Saboteurs a little vaguely cryptic head start: Suzuka is a ‘middle ground’ track.

The main difference between this and most other games like this is that as well as the usual bragging rights amongst your skiving collaborators, the person who clocks the fastest lap time will win a trip to the Japanese Grand Prix: two passes, travel, accommodation and a grand to spend while you’re there. That. Will. Do.

The competition closes on Sunday 30 September, and you can find it on the Casio Edifice Facebook page

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got, er, ‘work’ to do.

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