Celebrate Christmas With Crap Cards And Shite Souvenirs

Scrooges of the world rejoice! The new range of alternative Christmas cards from Tobatron are here to expose the truth about Christmas.
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As nice as it may be to get together with the family, drinking too much and watching Tim and Dawn finally get off with each other in The Office Christmas Special, is it really worth the weight gain, the dry turkey and the endless stream of shit jumpers that you have to politely smile at?

If any of that resonates with you, you’ll most definitely enjoy the Crap Christmas cards from illustrator Toby Leigh, which celebrate the less glamorous side of the festive period.

He’s also designed some ‘reprobate wrapping paper,’ whilst his Shite Souvenirs range feature two very British tea towels celebrating culinary delights such as kebabs, turkey twizzlers and a can of Special Brew.

All are available from the Tobatron website.