Celebrity Watch USA: Trump Runs For President

From Donald Trump running for President to Reese Witherspoon's recent marriage, here is the latest from those A-Z listers from the USA.
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Donald Trump is potentially going to run for the Republican Nomination for President. Yep. Donald Trump. Host of the American version of “The Apprentice.” That’s the equivalent of Alan Sugar going for Prime Minister.

I can see no reason why he wouldn’t be a great President. I mean he recently bankrupted his own casino company. A casino. His own casino. Only a very special person could do that.

He also gets on with the common man. Recently saying in an interview:

"You know the funny thing, I don't get along with rich people. I get along with the middle class and the poor people better than I get along with the rich people,"

He probably makes these friendships with comments like: (From the same interview) “Part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich.”

Word of advice Trumpy. Don’t call them poor to their face and don’t bang on about how rich you are. They tend not to like that, the poor. Apart from that I’m sure you get on great.

Extra Trump

One more thing on DT. Donald the Trump has been doing interviews all over lately. My personal favourite was this one which included the opening gambit of:

“I mean this is very serious, I always take things seriously but, I’ve never taken it seriously like this, this is a very serious time in my life.”

Sound serious.


The big story of the week is the end of Glen Beck’s show on Fox News. Has he been cancelled? Is this a reaction to claims Beck’s show was too divisive? Had the sponsors pulled out? Well Beck claims he is ‘transitioning” off the air.  His boss, Darth Vader made flesh, Roger Ailes has offered a helping hand:  "Half of the headlines say he's been cancelled, The other half say he quit. We're pretty happy with both of them.”


For those unsure on Beck have a look at this video. It’s essentially as if Jeremy Clarkson lost the plot, hosted a News show and was watched by millions.

It would seem Beck has run out of steam. I mean once, you have called the President of The United States a racist and a Nazi there isn’t much room to maneuver is there?


Reese Witherspoon married the other week. All normal about that surely? But someone can’t believe it. Reese Witherspoon herself.

“And it's a surprise. You know, I'm surprised when people who aren't related to me see my movies. And you're surprised somebody wants to be with you because, boy, I've got a lot of quirks and wrinkles."

With an Oscar and load of successful films under her belt, it would seem Spoon spends most of her life in a state of surprise.

Why would anyone want to marry her? “She has lots of quirks and wrinkles” I presume by quirks she really means millions of dollars and by wrinkles she means beautiful A List Hollywood face.

Mother and Daughter

Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin the woman who loves America so much she quit her job as State Governor to have a reality TV show. During Palin’s ill-fated Vice Presidential Run, Bristol caused a storm when she became pregnant. Out of wedlock. Showing up her mother’s message of abstinence. Worse still, the father was a bit of a boy, and later posed for Playgirl. It all caused a stir.

Bristol dealt with this like any person being attacked by the media and went on “Dancing with the Stars.” But Bristol, like her Mother, is a public servant at heart so Bristol became ambassador of a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Non Profit Organisation.

Fair enough. I mean it’s a bit off having someone who famously didn’t practice absistence before marriage, promoting absistence before marriage. If I were her kid, it wouldn’t be much fun years later finding out your mother was encouraging others not to make the same mistake she did.

But the real spark in this story comes from recently leaked tax forms that show Bristol was paid a salary of $262,000 in her role. Which is quite something when you consider the organisation paid out $35,000 in grants to Clinics and Campaigns over the same period. But what is really going to stop Teens having it off? Money to clinics or adverts like this?

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