Chicken and Art

No, it's not a day of painting by numbers with peri peri sauce. Instead, Nandos and creative agency Monorex are spending the 22nd of May treating the public to a day of street art inspired goodness on London's Southbank, to get youngsters flexing their artistic muscles.
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The annual Turner Prize shmoozefest may be just around the corner, but if you fancy a day of art which is less champagne quaffing at conceptual installations you pretend to understand, and more stuff you can actually look at, Nando's xPERimental Sketch on May 22nd at The Oxo Tower on London's Southbank is a safe bet.

Creative design agency Monorex, have buddied up with Nandos to put on a day of t-shirt painting, pen drawing battles, prop design and spray-painting. The masterclasses will be headed by some of the UK's brightest creative talents, including Jimi Crayon, Mr K, Stika, Jamie Brown, Jiggery Pokery and Hit + Run.  If you need any more credentials, Monorex are the brains behind 'live art battle' venture Secret Wars, which since it's started has mushroomed into a kind of international Fight Club...except with marker pens rather than beating the shit out of each other.

The day comes with the aim to get young people trying their hand at some more contemporary artforms, so if you have any moping teenage children/ cousins/ siblings you want spray-painting canvasses rather than huffing spray-paints, this is an ace opportunity. And of course, while you're steering loved ones away from a life of ASBOs, there'll obviously be a shedload of poultry to get through from London's favourite chicken establishment.

Nandos Sketch 22nd May 9am - 6pm @ The Oxo Tower: Barge House

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