Chris Moon: Great New Artist

Hot new painter whose work has been compared to Bacon (the artist not the breakfast) and is flying off the shelves.
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The last time any of us at Sabotage Times with more than a passing interest in crayons noticed a new artist we liked at his debut show his work shot up from £400 to £4000 a print in two years. That was Charming Baker. We think Chris Moon is in the same bracket in terms of how popular he can become. Moon was born in Essex, and is a self-taught artist who lives in Hackney, London, but despite all that he's producing some great work. Right now we have an early untitled oil painting of his in the Sabotage Times office that we've renamed Man Dog Bloodbath With Balloons. The Hayward Gallery compared his to Francis Bacon recently and we have it on good authority that although his first solo show's not opening until this Friday September 30th he's already sold almost 30% of the show. If you fancy an investment and something that looks great you could do worse than setting out on a Lunar mission.

Home by Chris Moon
Imitate Gallery
27a Devonshire Street
London W1G 6PG
From 30th Sept - 7th Oct 2011

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