Crack and Shine International: The Holy Grail of Graffiti Books

Despite sounding like a guide to looking good for crack-heads, Crack and Shine international is actually a much anticipated bible for taggers and fence-jumpers everywhere...
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Graffiti shows no signs of slowing, being one of the most fiercely defended and debated sub-cultures around. Crack and Shine serves as a lovingly researched project, capturing a disarmingly honest look at the world of graff, one which could not be attained by a cooing Sotheby's dealer, while still maintaining an authenticity to it.

A joint venture from publisher Fred Forsyth and photographer Will Robson-Scott, Crack and Shine International follows up from the much lauded London edition. This time talking to the elite of the scene from all over the world, it's a must have for hardcore graffers, a gift for your friendly local British Transport Police officer or those simply wanting a unique glimpse into what is a true underground phenomenon

For all info go to and to get your order in visit Topsafe.

Crack & Shine International *TRAILER* from Topsafe London on Vimeo.

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