Cybersickness: What Is It, And How Can You Avoid It?

A sensation similar to motion sickness is stopping gamers' enjoyment of virtual reality headsets. But there are ways to avoid it...
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For some the threat of cybersickness (VR sickness) has virtually put them off wanting to use their headsets, consigning them instead to the highest shelf to gather dust until either resold or thrown away.

Cybersickness was once thought to be unrelated to motion sickness, but recent studies have proven that theory untrue, and for those who have be unfortunate enough to suffer with motion sickness then there will be empathy with those that suffer the distressing symptoms of cybersickness.

However, there are things that can be applied which will help players adjust to using their VR headsets, and hopefully enjoy their VR games.

Cybersickness is caused by the eyes and the ears giving conflicting views to the brain, and this mismatch of information causes the player to feel ill. Even though the eyes tell the brain that the player is moving forward the ears tell them the player is sitting down in the comfort of a front room.

A nano-second of difference between seeing and doing can trigger those feelings of disorientation which in turn can lead to sweating, nausea, headaches so it makes sense to buy the best possible headset for you budget.

Players should remember to start off playing a little at a time so that the symptoms cannot even begin, as once cybersickness starts they tend to escalate putting pay to any VR for a few hours.

Making the environment friendly towards VR play is a clever idea and this might involve a fan or keeping the curtains closed. Having water to drink is also a good idea.

Another good idea would be to make the room where the screen is comfortable with nothing about that could be tripped over.

Regular breaks should always be taken, and if possible, players should always take the teleporter instead of walking, running or jumping to their next destination.

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Something to think about when sick of Virtual Reality.