Darts Meets Luxury Design

Bring darts up to date with this contemporary dartboard and cabinet. You probably won't get this down the The Speckled Dog...
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Darts is big business now. No longer the preserve of backstreet British pubs it’s gone mainstream, global, and officially recognised as a sport. Its top players are revered as sporting greats that can proudly stand alongside the likes of David Beckham and David Haye. Yes, the game of darts has come a long way.

The one thing that has stayed the same though is the board. Too often overlooked it can look a bit tatty and look like it should still be in that backstreet British pub. So if you want to play darts at home but don’t want to ruin the contemporary stylings of your interior décor, then the Mars Dart Cabinet might just be the thing for you.

Combining an authentic sisal fibre dartboard with a modern cabinet design, the Mars Dart Cabinet is sure to complement any home game room or recreational room. The glass front cantilevers off to the side of the cabinet and reveals the playing area. The dart cabinet features a backboard layer of dyed fine-grain cork that safeguards your walls from the darts that miss the target as you realise emulating the players you see on TV isn’t quite so easy as it looks.

The dart storage tray and scoreboard slide discretely behind the playing area when not in use. Pricing for this high-quality game room accessory is available on request.

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