Datamancer Scrabble keyboard

Scrabble is more popular than ever now thanks to the legions of people who play over the internet. With this in mind Richard R. Nagy has created the Scrabble-tile Steampunk Keyboard.
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Also known as Datamancer, this is the latest in his range of custom-built keyboards and computer related hardware that combine functionality with retro-futurist aesthetics. Painstaking created from real scrabble tiles and a USB mechanical keyboard Nagy says, “I decided to use brushed aluminium for the casing and round all of the corners to keep with the sleek, simple Macintosh styling. Near the end of the build, I decided that the keyboard looked a little too minimalist so I added some silver hardware and a seam to put a slightly industrialized twist on the design.” There really is nothing else like this out there and for the Scrabble geek, what could be better than adding up the score as you type out those emails?