David Bowie Knitted Doll Inspired By Diamond Dogs

He spent his whole musical career shifting between personas, but here we reveal David Bowie's biggest transformation yet: as a hand-knitted doll.
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David Bowie has been lovingly reincarnated as an 11-inch long doll.  Nicky Fijalkowska decided to knit the legend after spending a summer practising creating Dr Who dolls.

Here are the details: David Bowie is knitted from acrylic yarn and is stuffed with polyester stuffing, 1970s glamour and has thin wire supports inside him to stiffen his arms and legs, so isn't suitable for children. Give him a rock'n'roll home where he can lounge about and he'll be happy.

The David Bowie doll is being sold at: www.etsy.com/listing/109265509/david-bowie-doll-diamond-dogs

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