DraganFlyer X8 Helicopter

Take stunning aerial photos from the sky with your own personal spy drone.
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Bought an AR Drone and found that doesn't quite cut the mustard? Then step up a notch with the Air2Air DraganFlyer X8 - an amazing piece of equipment that can be used for anything and everything photography related.

Whether you’re a gadget fanatic, professional photographer or just want to spy on the neighbours the X8 will take care of business, and you can have fun doing it.

The on board aerial photography system can take high definition video and pictures virtually anywhere. The unique design allows for various camera attachments from 1080p HD video, to Low light, Thermal infrared and 10.1MP still pictures.

It comes equipped with a GPS Position hold and eleven onboard sensors, so it always knows where it is, even if you don’t. Ideal if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere on a shoot. You don’t have to worry about it spinning out of control either as it comes with dual controllers and flight stability software.

With 20-30 minutes of flight time you should have all the time you need to snap away, and all videos and pictures are instantly available via DraganEye video goggles, or any other recording device, which you an simply plug into the back of the handset controls.

It really is the ultimate big boys toy, with the added bonus that it has a real practical purpose. It’s easy to deploy and record within minutes rather than hours, simple to transport, and you can get the shots you would never normally be able to get without the need for expensive and cumbersome camera cranes.

And if you’re not convinced yet, the X8’s previous model, the DraganFlyer X6 is the first federally approved, commercially manufactured unmanned aerial vehicle legal for use by the emergency services in North America.

The bad news? Well, if you want one you'll have to request a quote, which probably means  it won't be cheap...