Dynamo: 10 Things To Know About The Hip-Hop Magician (PLUS Watch His Latest Trick) #livefornow

He can walk on water, some people think he's the messiah, he's from Bradford... Check out these amazing Dynamo facts plus his latest display of street magic.
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There's usually something about magicians that we don't really like (maybe it's the hands) but Dynamo is the exception. Maybe it's his Bradford drawl or the fact that he does things that human eyes shouldn't see and then just kinda shrugs and walks off, but Dynamo is the only one who we don't wanna cross the road from. If we saw David Blaine in the street, we'd probably pretend we were on the phone and he'd turn it into a globus cruciger orb and we'd have to get right shirty with him. Over the years the northern illusionist has taken on some pretty spectacular feats (including walking across the Thames River and making James Corden appear likeable on BBC's Sports Relief) and we've never not been impressed.

So here are ten things you need to know about the coolest bloke in magic:

1. Dynamo was 'promoted' by The Magic Circle (who are a bit like the FA for blokes who chop women in half) to 'Associate of the Inner Magic Circle' which presumably means that the top dogs in the world of illusion have realised his awesomeness and recognised him as some kind of thaumaturgical Employee of the Month. That's the level of magic we're talking here.

2. He's the hip-hop magician. As if performing for Diddy, Snoop and their ilk weren't proof enough, he used to incorporate a load of MCing, body-popping and break-dancing into his act. Top that, Blaine.

3. Man United love him. Rio and Rooney are both noted fans, especially when the magician freaked out Wayne when he magically transported a two-pound coin into his hand (as if the striker doesn't have enough money already...) Wonder if Wayne could ask the magic-man to fix that gash in his head next...

4. He's the top dog in street magic. Now that magicians have started focusing on Vegas rather than Camden High Street, Dynamo has cornered the market when it comes to freaking out punters outside boozers with his skills.

5. He's the best thing to come out of Bradford since Emmerdale's Natalie Anderson (and that rack takes SOME beating...

6. Kriss Angel hates him. After accusing Dynamo of nicking his magic (apparently that's a 'thing'), the multi-millionaire Vegas superstar illusionist (try to fathom a more aggravating sequence of words) said that it was 'a shame' that the plucky Brit didn't have the 'originality' to come up with his own tricks

7. But Dynamo has more class than to rise to it. Proving his top-bloke status, Dynamo merely said it was a shame that Kriss felt that way and remarked on his admiration for him. That's how you deal with haters, folks.

8. Jessica Ennis impaled him with a javelin. The super-hot Olympic gold medalist stuck her spike straight through him, flipping pretty much any euphemisms we had planned on its head.

9. Online conspiracy theorists are convinced he's Jesus. While he's not the only one they've mooted, they're pretty set that he's at least some kind of demi-prophet what with his skills at levitation and you know the fact that...


In this video, West Yorkshire's preeminent magic-doer freaks out ex-X-Factor singer Misha B, leaving her uncharacteristically lost for words. Filmed at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival, Dynamo set upon Ms. B to blow her mind by way of crazy bottle cap skills.