Eat Grub, Hoxton: Sticky Crickets & Delicious Insects On Menu In East London

Disgusting? You'd think so. Delicious? Definitely. This East London pop-up is not to be missed...
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Eat Grub are a food company with an unusual offering – edible insects.

The brainchild of founders Shami and Neil – these entomophagy (that's 'insect eating' to you or I) duo are bringing a 7-course Thai-inspired pop up menu to Hoxton Square’s Monikers.

Now, to say I was reluctant would be an understatement: the first ‘snack’ on the menu is exactly what is says it is – crickets. Wings, eyes, legs, the lot. Tastiest bar snack I’ve had? Absolutely. The menu is bold and packed full of flavour. A particular highlight for me was ‘Sticky Crickets’ (no, I can’t believe I am saying it either….) which saw crickets smothered in a rich aromatic sauce, served with cucumber and sticky rice. One by one these inventive and beautifully presented dishes came from the kitchen and instead of shrieks of horror (as I initially expected) I observed a room full of people groaning with delight and licking cutlery clean.

You can expect your Thai favourites with a twist: tempura grasshoppers (of course) and vermicelli noodles (lovingly adorned with buffalo worms). I can’t recommend this pop up more highly, a passionate and dedicated team of insect enthusiast await you – catch them while they are still in town – tickets available here.

I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy a 7-course meal of creepy crawlies, but I have left inspired to use some of Eat Grub’s products in my own home cooking. Fancy giving it a whirl in your own kitchen? They have some great recipes on the website…

Eat Grub kicked off on the 5th March and will be tempting you with insect delights through until the 8th March on Monikers, 16 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NT. Find them on Twitter, @EatGrubOfficial and @MonikersHSQ.