Ei8tball EX811 Tangle-Free Headphones: The Best In-Ears Around

Quality sounding headphones that look great - what more can you ask for?
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Ever experienced a dodgy pair of headphones? We have and trust us, it's pretty awful. They were tinny, buzzing, uncomfortable - you owe it to yourself to get a decent pair. Eightball's new EX811 headphones are just that.

Boasting a superbly snug fit (with a choice of different sized silicone earbuds so that no matter how big or small, they'll always fit your lugs) and tangle free wires, they've got the practicality issue sorted but where it really comes into its own is the sound. With some of the best sound quality we've heard from an in-ear set, each headphone features a 'custom engineered sound curve' that'll make you hear tracks you've heard a hundred times like you've never heard them before. Not bad going, then.

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