Underworld x VW On Golf GTI's 'Play The Road'

The German car giants have enlisted the help of the British electronic band on a project that might just change the concept of 'driving music' forever...
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Romford's finest purveyors of electronic music Underworld have collaborated with those guys over at Volkswagen as the German car giants step up and take a chance at refining the world of in-car music.

Nothing takes the edge off a traffic jam or being stuck behind a learner driver quite like whacking your favourite album on the car's stereo. So VW and the Born Slippy boys have collaborated on the Play The Road project to develop an app that creates a program which means that if you're ambling along a country road with a bunch of hungover blokes in the back on the way to a football match on a Sunday morning, the music is going to sound a lot different to if you're gunning it down the motorway on your way home to appease a grumpy girlfriend. Sounds good to us.

For those of us whose earliest memories involved spending hours in the car listening to your Dad banging on about Status Quo or whatever Dad band was on top at the time, you know that the stereo can become a soundtrack to memories that end up lasting you a lifetime. How ace would it be if your drive was specifically soundtracked like a movie or that bit in Grand Theft Auto V when you're on the run and it all goes a bit Tangerine Dream? Very ace, is the answer.

Head over to VW's Facebook page to find out how you could win a track day with the Play The Road app.