Firk Me! My Tweet Was Turned Into A Cartoon

Usually when I send out a sarcastic tweet I get nothing more in return than the odd RT off one of my disciples, so the last thing I was expecting was to see my missive about Steve Jobs turned into a cartoon by Irkafirka...
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Most people woke up on Thursday last week to find Gadaffi was legging it from Tripoli and that Steve Jobs had resigned from Apple. I woke to find the same but also that a barely-witty tweet that I’d posted about the departing iPod guardian had been turned into a funky little cartoon and posted on the web. Cool.

Responsible were Irkafirka, the brain-child of illustrator Nick Hilditch and his mate Chris Bell. They select tweets that make them chuckle and Nick turns them into simple one-frame cartoons for no other reason than it seems like a good thing to do. It’s as if Gary Larson or Steve Bell are using the social networks for inspiration. They’ve done around 500 cartoons now and, believe me, when one of your witticisms gets ‘Irka-ed’ or ‘firked’ it’s quite a thrill. I now feel like I’m part of an exclusive little club.

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