Flash Rods Delorean Hard Drive

It might not be able to hit 88-miles-per-hour but it’ll back up your files and make you smile
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For those not familiar with the Delorean motorcar company, it was set up in the US and had a manufacturing base in Northern Ireland in the UK for a brief spell in the late 1970s. The idea was to create a state of the art sports car, and bring jobs and prosperity to the then troubled country of Northern Ireland.

In the end, neither was achieved and the business went belly-up in 1982 with the only car produced being the Delorean DMC-12. The car would have faded into obscurity, left as just a memory in the minds of only the most ardent petrol heads had it not been for 1985’s ‘Back to the Future’. One of the biggest films on the 1980s and a film that’s star was neither lead actors Michael J Fox nor Christopher Lloyd, but the Delorean DM-12. The car that with the addition of a ‘flux capacitor’ would travel through time once it hit 88mph. It instantly became the dream car for a generation with its stainless steel body panels and gull-wing doors.

Today there’s only around 6500 DMC-12s in existence and a fully loaded one will cost in the region of $67,000. But if you want to own one at a fraction of that price Flash Rods have the answer.

These ingenious folks have created a glorious 1:18 scale model of DMC-12 circa Back to the Future complete with ‘50s style moon discs’ and its very own flux capacitor. And whilst it won’t let you travel back to 1955 the insides contain a 500GB Seagate hard drive with a USB connector built into the back. It costs $250 which is nearly 7 times the price of a standard Seagate hard drive, but if you were still kid in the 1980s then this is worth every single penny.


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