Forget Playboy, Here's Lindsay Lohan As You've Never Seen Her

She's just agreed to a Playboy shoot but if you want to see Lilo as never before, get yourselves down to Imitate Modern to see this collaborative exhibition between photographer Tyler Shields and artist Maximilian Wiedemann.
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Those of you with your minds in the gutter will have clicked on an article entitled Well Hung and expected, no doubt, to see images of men brandishing what appears to be a full shepherd's staff below the waist. Well, you'll have to wait.

A collaborative exhibition between artist Maximilian Wiedemann and photographer Tyler Shields, the exhibition features Wiedemann's take on previously unseen images of Shields' controversial Lindsay Lohan shoot, with the aim of exploring society's harmful manipulation of celebrity for money and the stinging consequences of it.

The Well Hung Exhibition runs until November 20, click here to find out more

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