Fridging Is A Thing Now

Fridging: "The art of standing in front of or getting inside one's refridgerator (door open of course) and striking a comical pose. Best if done while being drunk, naked, in costume, and/or famous."
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What do you mean "that's not a thing!" It's definitely a thing. The internet told us so. Nicki Minaj did it, even your mum's Daily Mail knows it, so have that. She did it in heels 'n all! I know girls who complain about not being able to bloody walk in heels, let alone fridge! Walking's really easy! I do it all the time!

Important social commentators are already speculating as to whether fridging will be this year's planking, although more important social commentators have been quick to point out the obvious differences between the two arts and quash any ludicrous comparisons, with one spokesperson quoted as saying "fridges aren't anything like planks, whoever said that probably doesn't even own a fridge".

Whatever the controversy, fridging is taking off in a big way, and we want to see your fridging pictures. Go nuts.

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