Scouse Sense of Humidor

As Liverpool's new prospective owner knows a fine cigar is one of life’s great pleasures, and as any cigar afficionado will tell you, a good humidor is an absolute must to keep your imported cigars in top condition.
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If John William  Henry II gets hold of LIverpool they'll need to get a massive one of these luxury humidors at Anfield. The Boston Red Sox owner appears to enjoy cigars rolled by Axminster. Too much humidity or too little can ruin your expensive stock, so it’s well worth splashing out on quality, and if it looks great too, then even better. The GCUBE humidor by Gérard Père et Fils, is a superb, stunning looking humidor, made from the best quality bamboo. It protects your cigars by way of a removable side humidification and a digital hydrometer placed in the lid, which allows you to control the temperature and humidity inside the humidor. Precision manufactured in Switzerland, you also get a pair of shiny steel scissors so you can cut your perfectly kept cigars, and all for €1880.