GI 'Nam Lingo Bingo

Like Vietnam films? Love to know what the GIs are really banging on about? This Eh?-to-Z of Vietnam grunt-speak will bring you upto speed.
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That uniform is definitely FUBAR



AMF - Adios Motherfucker; commonly shouted before opening fire on enemy troops
BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again; term applied to unpopular missions
Bring Smoke - To direct intense artillery fire or air force ordnance on an enemy position
BUFF -  Big Ugly Fat Fucker; military slang term for the B-52 bomber.
Caca Dau - Vietnamese for "I'll kill you"
Charlie - Vietnamese, from the VC call sign 'Victor Charlie' (aka Charles, Chuck, gomers, gooks, sappers, slopes, spooks, chinks, dinks, etc.)
Chicken Plate - Chest protector worn by helicopter gunners
Choke - Peanut butter
Church Key - Bottle opener
Cracker Box - Field ambulance
FIGMO - Forget It, I Got My Orders; expression used by those set to return to the US
FNG - Fucking New Guy
FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair; damage report description.
Grunt - American infantrymen; the name derived from the sound soldiers made when lifting their rucksacks
Head - Latrine
I&I - Intoxication & Intercourse; the service version of R&R
Jesus Nut - The nut that holds the main rotor blade on a helicopter
LBGB - Little Bitty Gook Boat; term used to describe native water craft
LORAN - Long-range radio-navigation
Mad Minute - Concentrated machine gun fire
REMF - Rear Echelon Mother Fucker; men not serving on the front line
The Rock - Guam
Rock 'n' Roll - Firing weapons on full automatic
Round Eye - Term used by American soldiers to describe another individual of European descent
Shake 'n' Bake - An officer straight out of Candidate School without any combat experience
Short-Timer - Soldier with little time left to serve in Vietnam
Sky Pilot - Chaplain
SNAFU - Situation Normal All Fucked Up
Willie Pete - White phosphorus
Zippo Mission - Search & destroy operation
Zone & Sweep - To spray a target with an 'X' pattern of gunfire

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