Giffgaff Release Animation Series With Chris Boyle

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Nobody likes being locked into a long mobile phone contract you want out of. Giffgaff think that's rubbish too. That's why their no strings 30 day plans are changing the way we connect. 

They've also created a series of short animations with director Chris Boyle to visualise the joy of not being tied down for two years. We're loving them. Watch them here...

Giffgaff recently updated its monthly plans (or goodybags) to 4G too, meaning you can do what you want, when you want, but that little bit faster. 

One last thing, have you ever wondered why it's called giffgaff? Apparently it's a Scottish expression meaning 'you give me something, I give you something back'. So there you go. Now you know. 

Visit the giffgaff website for more info