Gossip Well Told: An Exhibition Worth Whispering About

The current demand for street art shows no sign of halting, and this exhibition by Moniker Projects showcases some of the best from around the world...
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Everyone loves a good gossip. Whether it's the bedroom proclivities of your next-door neighbour or some ace celebrity based stuff that is both true and unprintable, we all engage in this pastime far more often than we should and know it is essentially pointless, apart from to the publishers of the 17,000 gossip magazines worldwide who lure the impressionable in with headlines trumpeting Cheryl's latest toe tattoo. Anyway, we digress. Gossip Well Told, however, is far from pointless. With street-art more the current phenomenon du jour, Moniker have built on the success of their first London Art Fair last October with the launch of this special exhibition as a preview to this year's fair which takes place on October 13-16 2011 during London’s Frieze week.

Expect new and original artworks and installations by internationally recognised artists from a movement that has brought colour to the streets of the world’s most exciting cities.  As well as showcasing artworks emanating from the street art scene, Moniker will be widening its remit with the inclusion of artists such as Bob and Roberta Smith from London, Pop surrealist Luke Chueh from California, and acclaimed New York photographer Cheryl Dunn.

The exhibition takes place between 22-26 July at Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4QS. Click here for more information

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