Got, Not Got: It's Like Finding Your Old Football Stickers

Why do you get when you combine football, nostalgia and OCD? A hardback collection of football vintage memorabilia that you need in your life.
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I’ve had this for about a month but haven’t got round to reviewing it because it keeps disappearing. It’s the sign of a good book that people repeatedly pick it up and walk away with it. As you can see from the cover this is a dead simple proposition - obsessively collected 70s and 80s football nostalgia and memorabilia - delivered in a heavily pictorial hardback book. An amusing narrative from the editors and you’re away, hours of year-round bog-time reading or a guaranteed way to spend at least a day this Christmas.

Anyone who is so disgruntled with their team’s current status that they’d rather delve back in time will love this book. It’s an anthology of every piece of good, bad and bizarre merchandising our clubs ever indulged in.

Here’s 20 Things You’ll Find In Got, Not Got:

1. Leeds United Birdseye Beefburgers

2. West Bromwich Albion cigarette case

3. Coventry City Girl of The Month collectable cards

4. Kevin Keegan Lyons Made lollypop sticks

5. Lincoln City red vinyl pencil case

6. Man City King of The Kippax fanzine

7. Carlisle United plastic comb wallet

8. Oversized World Cup Stamps

9. The Peter Barnes Football Trainer (a ball on a string)

10. Bruce Rioch and Archie Gemmill beer mats

11. Gary Lineker’s Sponsored Fiat

12. Superstars Board Game

13. Huntley Palmers Cheese Footballs

14. Bristol Rovers ‘All The Way’ record with Rod Hull and EMU

15. Striker

16. Coffer pendants

17. Phil Parkes advertising Cossack Hairspray

18. Painted rattles

19. The Pools

20. Toshack and Keegan

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