Grand Theft Auto V Trailer: Parachutes and Dog Fights

The GTA V trailer just arrived and it looks to be a crime fest of new proportions. Check out the teeth on those dogs!
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Ruddy hell... that was rather good wasn't it? Of course we were all expecting it to be good. But that... well it was so good it made me throw my laptop on the floor in the Sabotage Times office.

Rockstar are looking to make good on their promise to make the new Grand Theft Auto game fun again following criticism that GTA IV was too straightfaced and as I type this the Twitterverse is currently exploding from positive fan reaction.  "The GTA V trailer made me laugh more times than the entirety of GTAIV" read one tweet.

Soundtracked by "Skeletons" by Stevie Wonder (which also featured in the original Die Hard movie) the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer has given us a glimpse into life in Los Santos in the present day following our THREE protagonists.

Michael is the old style gangster who made it "out". Many of us thought he was an aged Tommy Vercetti from Vice City in the first trailer. He has a plush house and a wife and kids who hate him. Trevor's is our insane anti-hero living in a trailer who used to be friends with Michael back in the gangster days. Finally, Franklin is the up and comer in the crime world, a CJ for 2013.

With an updated graphics engine, rottweilers, train crashes, 3 main characters and people flying OUTSIDE planes, the Grand Theft Auto V trailer has certainly wetted my appetite for the games release in Spring 2013.

Saboteur Sam Horti will have a more in depth look at the trailer very shortly. In the meantime, I'm going to investigate the damage I did to my laptop by throwing to the ground with such force.

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