How to Kill Your Hangover Without A Fry-Up

Yes, a trip to the greasy spoon might work wonders but there are few healthier alternatives in your cupboards that’ll help you make it there without spilling your gravy...
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Some old wives tales can be backed up by the lab geeks. Two separate studies, one in the Annuls of Medicine and another in the Quarterly Journal for Studies on Alcohol, found that vitamin B6, found abundantly in bananas, was one of the best nutrients you can eat to combat the effects of too much hooch.


Honey is proving to be an elixir for the normal flu and the brown bottle variety. Research in the Danish medical journal Acta Pharmacologia Toxicologia found that foods high in fructose decreased the intensity of a hangover. You see, indulging in too many Carlsbergs leaches the sugars from your body and eating something high in fructose (such as honey), is a blitzkrieg for replacing these lost nutrients. Alcohol causes low blood sugar levels, which make you feel tired, weak and irritable - the standard-issue hangover clobber. Honey is rich in these sugars and is digested quickly – doesn’t taste too bad either.

V8 juice

If you’ve awoken feeling like you’ve gargled with a dead pigeon then wash your mouth out with, vitamin C and fructose rich, V8 juice. A study in the British Medical Journal found that fruits and fruit juices were reported to decrease the intensity of a hangover. The fructose will also help get the alcohol out of your system faster. Neck one in between your espressos.

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