Hardly a load of Tosh: The New Toshiba Regza 3D TV

Finally, a 3D TV that doesn’t require you to wear glasses, (but does play tricks on your brain.)
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As you’ll often hear, good things come in small packages. And, certainly with televisions, size isn’t always everything.

Toshiba first unveiled their small-sized 3D tellys in October 2010. Their original release, the 12GL1 boasted a 12-inch display and came with a 466x350 resolution. But this latest version is quicker, smarter and easier on the eye.

The Regza 20GL1 has a 20-inch display and features 1,280x720 resolution. While 3D is nothing new, the fact that this display doesn’t require the viewer to wear silly glasses makes it stand out from the crowd.

To experience the 3D effect, users will need to sit within a 40-degree area in front of the television. They must also sit two feet in front of the 12-inch 3D TV and three feet in front of the 20-inch model to experience 3D without the glasses. The effect is created with the help of nine different perspectives of each single 3D frame that are then interpreted as 3D by your brain.

The effect may be difficult to get your head around,  but believe me it does work, and in doing so it solves the problem of having to wear glasses which is one of the off-putting factors of 3D TV for most of us.

If 20-inches isn’t big enough for you then it’s rumoured there’s a 40-inch version in the pipeline. In the meantime the two small screens are available for $2,900 and $1,400 respectively.


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