Mindbending Covers Of Heavy Metal Magazine

Check out these awesome 80s covers of the Heavy Metal sci-fi fantasy comic...
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Heavy Metal began life as the French magazine Metal Hurlant, before being taken up by publisher Leonard Mogel for its reincarnation in 1977. A sci-fi fantasy comic, it forged a reputation for sexual imagery and content designed to appeal to both guys and girls, and originally utilised authors such Milo Manara and Tanino Libertore.


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It was through the artists that it would become most famous, with Esteban Maroto and H.R Giger both contributing pieces during the 80s.  A film inspired by the serials featured in the magazine was released in 1981, which failed to inspire the die-hard fans.  Hopefully Roberto Rodriguez, who purchased the rights to Heavy Metal in 2o11, will be able to put that right.

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