Herring Shoes valet box

Everything you’ll ever need to take care of your shoes all in one rather nice wooden box
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A good pair of shoes should last, maybe not quite a lifetime, but certainly a good many years. The trade-off is, that quality shoes come at a cost and if you’ve splashed the cash for the shoes, then you’ll probably know that you need to spend money and a little time looking after them.

Family run Herring Shoes has been offering some of the finest shoes around for nearly 50 years, specialising in formal footwear, at the top end of the price range, with Northampton’s most famous and well respected manufactures such as Church’s, Barker and Loakes. Herring also have their own range of handcrafted footwear, again with the focus on quality and style, and it’s to compliment these ranges that they’ve brought out their own luxury valet box.

The beautiful wooden box has the Herring signature crest engraved on the lid and has been designed to store every single shoe-cleaning utensil you can think of.

It contains two large and two small horsehair brushes, a suede brush, suede protector, five different wax polishers, an oiled leather wax, a shoehorn and a set of shoe bags and duster. And if that lot’s not enough you also get a rather smart Herring logo apron to don whilst you clean your shoes, ensuring your clothes stay as clean as your shoes will be.

With this box and a little bit of elbow grease your shoes should last a lifetime after all.

Price £99.95