Home Office Immigration Vans Do Nothing But Spread Hatred And Fear

Draconian, dystopian and offensive: The government's mobile billboards promote a festering sense of resentment and distrust amongst the population towards immigrants.
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Recently you may have noticed the Home Office doing their utmost best to come across as Disney villains. First they tweeted a picture of supposed illegal immigrants in the back of a police van with the caption ‘There will be no hiding place...’, then they sent out advertising vans with rehashed National Front slogans on the side, and then they started asking for ID from suspected illegals in tube stations.

Their Twitter feed currently reads like a fucking arcade machine high scores list. Their most recent tweets have been listing the amount of suspects they’ve rounded up, along with some helpful pictures to illustrate what an arrest looks like. This is just another part of the Government’s attempt to stop people noticing the terrible job they’re doing and blame everything on immigrants and people on the dole.

Now, very reasonably, you could say that you don’t see what the big deal is. If they are here illegally, why shouldn’t we be targeting them? If they’re not allowed to be here then they’re ruining the country or something, right? Taking  our jobs, leeching off the NHS, burning our churches and raping our women because all immigrants are evil until they get a visa. Leaving the actual negative effects of illegal immigrants to the country aside, let’s go through why all of this is a load of absolute bullshit.

Let’s start with the vans. There they are roaming around areas supposedly full to the gills with illegals. On the side they say ‘Go home or face arrest’ with a number to text if you want the Home Office to help you fuck off. I imagine that if you’ve snuck into this country, you’re unlikely to be deterred by this, especially as, according to Gideon, you probably don’t speak English anyway.

Instead what the vans do is scare the shit out of immigrants who are allowed to be here and have been for some time. You know, the ones who had to deal with the likes of the NF and Combat 18 trying to kick their heads in back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Now the Government is recycling those groups' rhetoric. At the same time, it’s scaremongering the general populace into thinking there’s a bunch of Indians hiding under their floorboards. They foster a culture of fear on both sides, while doing nothing more than allowing people on Twitter to be a bit witty. That’s backfired though as the Home Office are claiming success due to the high number of texts they got. Nice one, chaps. Go here for some decent stats on the whole thing. Also, because this is bizarro fucking world, Nigel Farage is against them as well.

Then, on numerous occasions, police have been hanging out in stations and stopping ‘random’ people on their way to work to check their papers. Papers is a bit of a loaded term, but it’s still correct. ID might sound a bit nicer, but let’s not sugar coat this. The police also threatened to arrest a man just for asking what was going on. I hate those people that scream ‘police state’ or ‘1984’ at everything, but I think we can all agree that this is pretty shitty. Luckily, people have started to mobilise against this bullshit.

And finally the Home Office are tweeting the number of people they’ve arrested with pictures too. 139 altogether just yesterday. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well, the thing is they are suspects, not illegal immigrants. Of course, even the Government didn’t get that at first, but who can blame them? They’re falling for their own awful rhetoric where people are as good as guilty from the off and it doesn’t matter what happens after. As long as there are some good numbers to show the public, who cares?. Guilt is unimportant in the narrative they’re spewing and, unfortunately, people are going to take it down the throat willingly.


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According to your Twitter timeline it might seem that the majority of people are against all this, but you should know that Twitter doesn’t speak for fucking anyone. If you actually go outside, you’ll find a lot of people have no qualms about all this. This isn’t particularly their fault. They’re having this bullshit drummed into their heads each and every fucking day by the likes of The Sun and the Daily Mail. Many seem to think that the fate of the country rests on a government’s ability to put foreigners on boats. This is why UKIP continue to get over 20% in local elections despite one of their candidates saying babies with Down’s Syndrome should be aborted.

These tactics employed by the Home Office are not intended to yield great results. No politician is thinking this will clear out the illegals from the country. All it is there to do is to create fears and anger in the general populace, and then capitalising on that. Do you really think Cameron gives a shit that there are illegal immigrants in this country? Of course not. It makes no difference to him or any other politician. It’s all about votes and power, nothing else. With UKIP’s rise, the Tories have realised the only way to bring voters back is to do what UKIP can’t, and that’s anything. All Frage can do is speak, while Cameron can actually put policies into action and this is exactly what he’s doing.

So, what’s the result? Well, a few illegals will be sent home, the Tories will score some points with the voters and idiotic articles like this will be written (then again that’s by the same person who finds gay retirement homes ‘troubling’ so I wouldn’t put much stock in what he says). But, more worryingly, it will leave a festering sense of resentment and distrust amongst the population towards immigrants in general. Of course, the Tories do not care about that. They don’t mix with the general populace anyway. All they want is the power to continue doing what they want to do, like coating Thatcher’s corpse in gold and using it to smash Len McCluskey’s head in or whatever.

In the end though, this whole exercise comes down to one thing. It is simply a modern rehash of this:


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