A Tribute To The Ruby Murray

Curry, delicious oozing curry, all the colours of the rainbow and so ensconced in the British bosom that it’s considered the National Dish...
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For years in Britain lunch would consist of boiled brown stodge next to a dollop of lumpy wallpaper paste, followed by a dessert which on a bad day would be hatefully chucked out of the window. On a good day it’d be consumed through tears.

Food was dull, skies were grey, no one was having fun at teatime, and then from a faraway land came our Indian brothers and sisters, bearing gifts that would captivate the entire nation’s hearts via their grateful cheering stomachs.

Curry, delicious oozing curry, all the colours of the rainbow, but mainly things like deep terracotta, roaring scarlet. Or fittingly yellow if you’re the kind of coward who won’t go hotter than a Korma. Now so ensconced in the British bosom that it’s considered the National Dish, we’d be nothing without curry.

Tasty, sexy, consumed with mountains of pilau rice and all manner of mind boggling breads, washed down with a pint of ice cold water – life doesn’t get much better than that.

Pictured above is Abdul Salam from Staffordshire, with a sample of the record break World’s Largest Curry!

Writes Josh Burt

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