Husqvarna 350BT blower

It’s that time of year when leaves are on the ground and its time to be a man. Strap on a big leaf blower and give them a good blasting
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There’s something inherently cool about tools and garden equipment. Walking round a DIY store looking at rows of chainsaws, power drills and all manner of big, bold, colourful, rugged and manly pieces of kit can be very life affirming.

The Husqvarna 350BT blower is no exception. It’s quite clearly designed to appear as a big boy’s toy and make you look forward to strapping it on to clear up the garden come Autumn. And perhaps pretending you’re in Ghostbusters whilst you’re at it.

Being lightweight, the backpack blower is ideal if you’ve got a large garden, and has a padded harness and hip belt shaped to fit your contours. It’s also easily adjustable, whatever your size, and the controls are handily mounted on the tube.

The 50cc powerful X-TORQ engine offers increased power and better fuel economy reducing emissions by up to 60% and increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20%. It’s got an easy starting system which removes air from the carburettor and fuel system, so you’re not going to be left stood there getting annoyed struggling to get it going in bad weather.

The Husqvarna is easy to use, simple to maintain and best of all will look great hung up in your shed.

Price £399.99

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